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   First of all – Simplex is a Team of young ambitious

professionals working in an environment of mutual

understanding and assistance. All our employees are

purposeful initiative specialists, capable for creative

analysis and targeted delivery.

Our staff is the main asset of Company, which generates

and implements diverse solutions helping you to develop

and increase efficiency of your projects.


   Simplex started its activity since June 2015 as

Limited Liability Company, now operating as Closed

Joint-Stock Company. At the very beginning we were

servicing basic office supplies in country, and now we

cover the entire territory of Azerbaijan, with external

partnership extending from Asia to Europe and providing

everything, which might be required for education process

irrespective of the scale of educational institution – from

village school till international Academy or University,

as well as special events and outstanding orders.


   Our name is the guarantee of supplied goods’ and materials’ quality including delivery to the final user. All such

guarantees are part of our common contract approach towards the clients. We offer only brand new quality equipment and

materials, which meet all expectations or our clientele.


   We deliver professional assistance to the clients, who are looking for the most advantageous offers for supply of goods

and services – from simple pencil till complex IT solutions. If you are looking for efficiency and optimization of your business,

and enhancing of your financials – then you should stay in touch with Simplex. Due to individual approach and our staff

members’ outstanding experience and promptness, you will be always more than satisfied of working with us !

As competition increases, we will be under strong demand at the sale market. We can always help our clients to navigate in the

huge flow of information and goods, materials, equipment and services.

Simplex credo in very simple: don’t part of the problem, be part of the solution !


 2020 Simplex QSC

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