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Simplex is a guarantee of the best market solution

between demand and supply.


Simplex is Azerbaijani procurement and supply chain

company, harmoniously combining continuous move

towards international standard ISO 9001, the best

national traditions and the latest industry technolo-


Our Company aims to act responsibly and professio-

nally in all its commercial activities and in its rela-

tionships with suppliers and customers. Simplex pro-

vides the best care to every client through integrated

case evaluation and practice, striving to be preferred supplier at the market for increasing number of profitable customers.


Our Core Values

  • Result delivery

  • Financial efficiency

  • Reliable compliant service

  • Professionalism

  • Innovative simplification

  • One Team

  • Sustainable safety


While implementing Company Core Values in our daily activities, Simplex staff is following personal behavioral principles:


  • Justice

  • Discipline and order

  • Integrity and honesty

  • Information confidentiality

  • Responsibility and accountability


To ensure that this Policy is systematically implemented throughout Simplex, and to drive a continual improvement in performance, this Policy requires the support and action of all employees. Communcation, training and consultation are therefore a key requirement at all levels.


This Policy is made available to all interested parties as required.


 2020 Simplex QSC

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